Ultimate Ginger Hair Colors to Shine in 2020

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Ultimate Ginger Hair Colors to Shine in 2020

Ginger hair colors are in trend and if you are willing to try, go for it!

‘Gingers’ are notorious for being feisty and fierce with locks of red fury, so it’s no wonder why so many women opt to dye their hair red. The stigma of being a ‘ginger’ has been negative for decades so it’s refreshing to see how many red heads are rocking their fiery locks without apology.

More specifically, ginger hair color is a very light red that is seemingly blonde but has red undertones, sort of like strawberry blonde. According to Matrix.com, “Ginger red hair color is a spicy, light or medium reddish brown tone that is one of the most natural-looking reds in the spectrum.”

Gorgeous Ginger Hair Color Ideas

If you’ve been thinking of jumping on the red head bandwagon and are looking for a more natural-looking color, then ginger could be a great choice to consider. Here are 30 of the best ginger hair colors we have handpicked for your consideration:

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