Simple Easy But Stylish Top Knots for Summer

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Simple Easy But Stylish Top Knots for Summer

Never before has such a simple hairdo been so in style. Whether you’re rocking up on the red carpet or just chilling out in your room, a top bun can be the ideal look for you. What’s not to love about this style? Not only are top buns extremely convenient – especially during the hot summer months when we all want to wear our hair up and away from our face, they are also completely beautiful on every type of face. The magic of this look is that the hair is piled high on top of the head, showing off your facial features to their absolute best and creating the shape and drama of an elaborate up-do with none of the hassle. The basic bun has been long overdue for an update and so this effortlessly chic twist on the classic style is a welcome addition to the 2016 summer style stakes. We love that no matter how quick and easy it is to tie a top knot, something about this style never looks scruffy or like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Here are 14 of the most fun, carefree and stunning top buns for you to try out this summer.

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