How to achieve the Cyd Charisse Hairstyle

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How to achieve the Cyd Charisse Hairstyle

Cyd Charisse’s cap-cut coiffure gives a piquant look to her heart shaped face. Her hair is straight, thick and of medium texture.

How Cyd’s hair is cut:

Because Cyd’s hair is thick, it must be thinned and tapered to make it cling to the head for this hair style.
The bangs are cut straight inf ront, so that the hair is shortest in the center, longer at the sides of the bangs. The hair is thinned and tapered at the sides for a feathery look at the cheekline. In back, the hair is taper-cut and ends at the hairline. There is only a tiny part at the crown.

How Cyd’s hair is set:

The hair is set dry just long enough to give it the slightest suggestion of a curve. The bangs and crown area on top of the head are set in large, loose stand-up curls that are rolled under. The rest of the hair goes into large, loose pin curls.

If the hair has some natural wave, it may assume the necessary slight curve if it is brushed almost dry after shampoo, then gently pushed with the hands into the cap shape.

Cyd-Charisse-Hairstyle How to achieve the Cyd Charisse Hairstyle
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