Hottest Inverted Bobs to Get You Inspired

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Hottest Inverted Bobs to Get You Inspired

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the word ‘bob’ covers just one type of hairstyle. This umbrella term covers so many different types of cut that it’s impossible to count them all. There’s the long bob (or ‘lob), choppy bob, pixie bob, blunt bob and then, of course, one of the most enduringly popular styles out there; the inverted bob. Similar, but not the same, as an A-line graduated bob; this chic cut makes the most of stacked layers in the crown and long lines in the front of the hair.

It’s no surprise that inverted bobs have never gone out of style; after all, this is an excellent way to add an edge to your haircut while still keeping it low maintenance. Just as there are many different types of bob cut, there are also countless ways to style your beautiful inverted bob. Here are some of our favorites to get you inspired.

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