High Bun with Bangs for Your Next Hairdo

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High Bun with Bangs for Your Next Hairdo

A high bun hairstyle looks elegant and poised but isn’t always easy to pull off with bangs. Sometimes the bun won’t settle and at other times the bangs just don’t fall with style. It can be a turmoil to perfect both aspects of the style at once.

Moreover, without a particular style guide, your high bun with bangs ends up looking like any other hairstyle. To help you out, we have compiled some great styles that you can follow to look glamorous anytime you like! Read on to find the style that suits you best.

Trendy High Bun Hairstyles with Bangs

Following are the amazing bangs with high bun hairstyles that will be huge this year.

Roll Bun with Bangs

This high bun with middle part bangs makes use of the conventional bun, stylishly placed at the top. The bangs fall across the face to add volume and make them look more elegant.

Ideal for: Women can wear this hairstyle as a stylish alternative to their everyday style. They can also wear it to formal occasions as a stylish formal updo or as a casual take on the formal bun.

How to style: Start by parting the hair at the crown so that the bangs fall on your face. Pull the rest of the hair in a rolled bun at the top of your head. Drape your bangs on the side of your head for a great hairstyle.

The Teased Bun

The hairstyle is popular with the royal Meghan Markle who has appealed to every girl’s heart. The style is a classic formal but goes well on any occasion.

Ideal for: This high top bun with bangs is along the formal lines. You can also incorporate it into your everyday wear to stylize your everyday bun with thick bangs.

How to style: Tease the hair at your crown to give it that extra volume. Remember to separate your bangs at the middle and pull your hair in a high bun. This gives you volume as well as style.

Messy Bun

The perfect messy high bun with bangs style is a dream come true for many. This look carries it with wild bangs to give you that ‘swept’ stylish look.

Ideal for: It is best for girls looking for a chic style. The bun showcases the inner you but is best limited to friend and family outings rather than formal get-togethers.

How to style: Make sure your bangs are perfectly falling on your face. Pull the rest of your hair in a messy high bun and secure with pins for a fixed updo.

Cute Space Buns

They are cute, they are practical and they stand out! The space buns automatically take you into the adorable style zone and look perfect with bangs.

Ideal for: You can pull this style off at work and with friends. The bangs and high buns at the back instantly give you a young, carefree look. Try it out for yourself!

How to style: Separate your bangs and adjust them to fall on either side of your head. Part your hair down the middle and pull it into two buns, one on each side. A rolled bun or messy bun, both work perfectly.

Side Bun with Bangs

Of course, we can’t leave out the iconic side updo from our list of hairdos. The style looks elegant and is easy to pull off anywhere.

Ideal for: If you are going for casual wear this is the style for you. It looks great on almost every face cut and the side bangs give it a romantic allure.

How to style: Make sure your bangs are messy and fall toward the side opposite to that of the bun. Pull your hair to one side and pull it into a messy or a rolled bun for a classic high bun with bangs hairstyle.

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