Brown Highlights On Black Hair That Looks Good

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Brown Highlights On Black Hair That Looks Good

You don’t have to have light hair in other to get some pretty highlights, and these brown highlights on black hair are solid proof of that! And today, we’ve got you 20 styles for you to try on.

Who Should Try Brown Highlights

Before we go on and show you all the different brown highlights hairstyles we have put together for black hair, let’s talk about who should really try this specific trend.

Let’s start by saying that this particular hairstyle is meant for girls who have naturally black or very, very dark brown hair, not for girls who have dyed black hair.

The reason behind this is because getting your hair dyed black for then applying brown highlights will only result in you significantly damaging your hair more than necessary.

That being said, both girls with very thin, thick or curly hair can try having brown color highlights, it doesn’t matter what texture their hair is as long as it is naturally black or very, very dark brown.

Last, but not least, this type of hairstyle works better on virgin black hair. This doesn’t mean girls with black hair that have dyed their hair before can’t get brown highlights, but that it might take few extra steps.

You see, dyed hair might not take in brown dye directly and the color won’t show up. Which means you WILL have to bleach your hair and then use the brown dye to get the highlights, otherwise, the color won’t actually show on your hair.

Again, this doesn’t mean you can’t get highlights on black -dyed- hair, it just means it’s very likely you’ll have to bleach it first in order for the color to look good! Now, let’s get into the list.

Trendy Black Hairstyles with Brown Highlights

Have a look at these amazing brown highlights ideas to flaunt your black hair. You’ll love them.

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