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Best Balayage Hair Colors on Short Hair 2020


Best Balayage Hair Colors on Short Hair 2020

Baylage hairstyles for short hair is fast becoming the latest trend in the way of coloring hair. Balayage translates to sweeping or painting color into hair is rapidly becoming popular because of its ability to give hair more of a natural look of color than what results with the use of foil highlights and other methods used to highlight or dye hair.

What is Balayage Hair Color?

Balayage, for those who don’t know, is a trending technique for highlighting hair, which is one reason why balayage for short hair is so popular—it’s easier to highlight short hair. You’ve probably had your highlights painted on before, then separated with little pieces of aluminum foil. Balayage uses the same technique, but the stylist paints on the dye or bleach in a graduated pattern that makes the resulting highlights or lowlights appear more natural. It’s not quite ombre, but it’s close. Painting gives the stylist more control, which is particularly necessary for short tresses. One wrong move and you could end up with a big, unsightly blotch of color or bleach. When done correctly, however, balayage creates a prism of complementary colors that blend beautifully with your base shade.

Balayage Hair Color Ideas for Women With Short Hair

Getting balayage on short hair creates dimension and depth, plus the right mixture of colors flatters your features, especially when combined with a short haircut. Imagine a hairstyle that highlights your cheekbones, draws attention to your eyes and sharpens the shape of your face. To-die-for, right? Some people spread the unfortunate falsehood that short coifs are too hard to highlight or lowlight, but those folks don’t know anything at all about anything. The nature of the balayage technique is perfect for bobs, crops, and pixies—just see for yourself.

So, want to give your short hair a winning edge? You might consider choosing a balayage color to enhance the style or cut. Here are 31 interesting balayage hair colors for short hair.

Balayage on short hair is flattering, plus it’s less damaging to your hair, and it offers a way to change your appearance without committing to a new all-over color. What color do you want your balayage to be?



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