16 Swing Bob Haircuts Making a Come Back

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16 Swing Bob Haircuts Making a Come Back

Aswing bob is a haircut that is cut shorter in the back with stacked layers and gets longer near the sides. Gradually stacking the layers on this type of bob allows the hair to fall naturally forward, as if it’s “swinging” forward.

Since its debut in the ’70s, this sexy bob has been accepted by women everywhere for its laid back vibe. That’s why it’s one of the widely worn hair trends on the red carpet. See how TV stars Jennifer Lawrence, Cobie Smulders, and Christina Applegate do it!

The angle plus the length of this sassy bob makes the ideal design for a modern style. The swing bob appears in the original chin-length cut, to angled shapes, and even in a shorter length.

When considering if a swing bob will work for you, hairstylist Linda Pomilio from Pennsylvania suggests asking yourself these major questions. “How often should I be getting this hairstyle shaped to maintain it? How much work will it be to blow it out?” Plus, remember that you cannot put a bob into a ponytail!

According to Linda, short hairstyles need to be trimmed about every 5-6 weeks. “It also takes a bit of polished blow-drying, so make sure you are willing to do this. If you have curly or coarse hair, get ready to use some muscle,” she adds.

Her best swing bob advice? “Know what length you are interested in. Be ready to take your length up above the shoulders or shorter. Leaving the length too long will cause the hair to flip outward.”

When asked about how to style a swing bob hairstyle, she says, “Try to blow-dry the ends straight down instead of under for an edgier look. You will need a round brush that suits your length bob.” Her general rule – a bigger brush for longer hair, smaller for shorter hair.

For products, Linda adores Redken’s Full-frame Mousse to give fine hair volume and a light hold. Otherwise, she uses Olaplex #6 Bond Smoothing Creme for thick or curly hair.

Here are pictures of modern swing bob haircuts for your next inspiration!

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