13 Popular Choppy Inverted Bob Haircuts to Consider Trying

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Achoppy inverted bob is a short haircut that’s longer in the front than in the back and with razor-cut ends and layers. Adding chopped layers and texture to an inverted bob is best for women with thick or thin hair.

You can never go wrong with that extra element that texture and short hair give! With different lengths of layers, this bob offers that on-trend tousled-hair experience. Add that precise inverted angle and you’ll have the chicest look you can ever get!

One word – suitability. This is the biggest advice of hair expert and salon owner Maxwell Maisano from Florida. According to Maxwell, “check your hairline and nape and look for growth patterns and natural texture. The shorter you go with hair that has a natural wave and curls, the more those waves and curls get amplified,” he says.

Looking for celebrity-approved inspos? I bet you’ll love the cropped haircuts of Diane Kruger and Kelly Rowland as much as I do! To nail this effortless inverted choppy bob haircut, Maxwell recommends dry texture sprays. “It’s a great final product to help bring out the texture and create separation in the finished look,” he says.

Contrary to popular belief, this type of bob can need a bit of maintenance. “This is not necessarily a wash-and-go sort of look,” says Maxwell. “There is a degree of ‘daily finessing’ that goes into it.” Also, he advises asking yourself these major questions. “Will this look good with my face shape? Do I have the kind of hair to support this look?”

If you answer yes to all these then waste no time at all. Go ahead and look at these inspiring photos of the choppy inverted bobs!

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